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Health and Wellness Influences New Luxury Bathroom Trends

(ARA) – Every day more and more people are exercising, eating healthier foods and embracing natural choices in their lives. The health and wellness movement has even affected how we build and furnish our homes. A new trend in luxury bathrooms is just one example.

Bathroom suites can be a lavish oasis where homeowners begin each day and relax and retreat in the evening. Here are some of the top bathroom trends:

1) Organic Designs
Intricate designs and bathroom products utilizing straight lines and right angles are being seen less and less. Bathrooms are featuring soft, flowing design lines that have a clean and sleek look. Round and oval shapes are popular for sinks and bathtubs, without sharp corners and contours. Even toilets are becoming more rounded. These design elements are eye pleasing and also benefit our health and wellness. Limited lines and details are easier to keep clean and without the sharp edges, you are less likely to hurt yourself when you accidentally bump into them in the middle of the night.

2) High-tech Toilets
The toilet has often been an overlooked item in the creation of a bathroom, but no more. Homeowners are creating the ultimate bathroom with products that make over their current bathroom facilities. Kohler’s latest toilet seat can transform just about any toilet into one like no other. Two cleaning wands provide heated water cleansing much like a separate bidet would. Additionally the heated seat has a three-temperature setting, a warm-air fan for partial drying, a deodorizer that minimizes odors, a lighted bowl for soft illumination and even a quiet-close seat closure system to prevent slamming and unnecessary noise.

3) Going Green
Eco-friendly items are becoming popular among high-end homeowners, and these products are being utilized in the bathroom as well. People are using energy-efficient showers, baths, sinks and lighting options. Even antique and reclaimed flooring and tiles can be found in luxury bathrooms. Everyday bathroom products such as paper supplies, soaps, lotions, etc., come in high-quality versions that are earth-friendly as well.

4) Toasty Toes
One of the ultimate luxuries in bathrooms is the many items that come warmed for the user’s comfort. One popular area to achieve this option is in the flooring. Heating can be installed under a variety of flooring types including stone, tile, wood, vinyl and carpet. And the heating trend doesn’t stop there; heated towel racks, heated chairs, toilet seats and many other items are being used. Heat can be therapeutic and generally make the bathroom more comfortable when washing or changing.

5) Accessories for the Senses
As the bathroom becomes more and more of a refuge from our busy lives, we are adding accessories that indulge our senses and help us relax. Natural wax candles in a variety of scents provide aromatherapy to help us unwind and provide a soft glow, which can be more appealing to the eyes when trying to relax. High-performance sound systems are also being installed in bathrooms so the users can relax to some soft jazz or get invigorated with their favorite rock music. Refrigerated vanities can keep your bath-side beverages cold along with your favorite facial creams. Bathroom accessories can be the final touches when creating your personal sanctuary.

Health and wellness is taking center stage in bathrooms, and that no longer just means bathing or brushing your teeth. Look for bathrooms to continue to grow as a key part of the home and a place of relaxation and health for homeowners.

Courtesy of ARAcontent