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Project Completion

Whether we are remodeling your bathroom, installing ceramic tile in your kitchen or completing a job somewhere else in your home, McLaughlin Tile goes through a very careful process to ensure that you will be delighted with the outcome. Our projects go through the following stages:

A brief overview of each of these stages is provided below for your benefit.

Planning & Design

This stage is very important to the success of your project.  We will

  • Meet with you to gather your information and preferences
  • Evaluate possibilities and important considerations for your project
  • Come up with attractive designs and creative solutions
  • Document our findings and present them to you
  • Review our recommendations and options with you
  • Work with you to finalize your preferred game plan
  • Prepare to get underway.

For more information on this stage, see the Design Consultation, Estimate and Formal Proposal links in the menu on the left.

Preparation & Staging

Prior to beginning work on your project, we take careful measures to protect your home.  We set up our work area to ensure that our work will cause minimal disruption.  We will -

  • Set up our material and equipment in an out of the way location
  • Put down heavy-duty protective floor covering in ALL areas that we will be working in or walking on
  • Discuss the project schedule with you and make any necessary arrangements for accessing the job site
  • Discuss any special concerns you may have about
    • Changes in your daily routine
    • Family members or pets
    • Protecting your home or important possessions
    • The project in general

Once we have addressed everything to your satisfaction, work on your project can begin.

Tear Out & Repair

Typically most of our remodeling projects begin with tearing out existing materials and fixtures so that the project area can be prepped for renovation.  Sometimes repair work is involved to remedy pre-existing or hidden defects. We will -

  • Carefully remove any existing fixtures
  • Take precautions to ensure that demolition does not create any problems
  • Carefully remove debris and materials from the project area
  • Ensure that nothing in your home is disturbed
  • Make repairs as needed to prepare for successful installation

When these things have been accomplished, installation can begin.


Installation is the part of the project that many of our customers look forward to the most.  It is where you begin to see your new room or new feature take shape.  We will

  • Carefully install all fixtures according to the manufacturer's instructions and the industry's highest standards
  • Coordinate the work of all other professionals whose efforts may be required (plumbers or electricians for example)
  • Meticulously layout every tile and design element  according to the project design specification
  • Thoroughly document any work you might request that was not specified in the original proposal in a formal written change order for your review
  • Carefully inspect all work to ensure it has been completed properly
  • Clean up our job site daily to eliminate mess or potential hazards

Upon completion of our work we will remove all of our equipment and materials and ready your project for your review.

Clean Up

Once we have finished our installation and renovation work we will carefully clean up the entire job site.  We will -

  • Remove all of our materials and equipment
  • Remove any protective floor coverings
  • Clean our project area and carefully polish and shine our handiwork to prepare it for presentation to you

 Presentation & Review

Once we have finished our clean up we will proudly present the finished result to you.  We will

  • Walk you through the project, explaining what we have done
  • Point out all of the elements we have installed for you
  • Verify that everything is working properly
  • Explain any care or maintenance issues
  • Answer you questions
  • Be sure that you are completely satisfied
    • With the quality of our work
    • That we have done everything we promised

Before leaving we will provide you with any warranties and special instructions and schedule a time when we can follow up with you to see how you are enjoying your new room or feature.

Follow Up

What you think about us and the work that we do for you is VERY important to us.  Some time after we have finished your project we will contact you to follow up.  We will -

  • Ask you how you are enjoying your new room or feature
  • See if there is anything that needs our attention
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Ask how you liked working with us
  • Provide you with a brief survey to tell us how we did and rate your overall experience

Assuming everything is A-OK, we will add you to our long list of loyal and satisfied customers and eagerly await your next request or referral!

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