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Formal Proposal

Once we have discussed our preliminary estimate with you and you are ready to proceed, we will prepare a formal proposal and a detailed  project design specification*.

The project proposal will outline

  • The work that we will perform on the project
  • The associated costs
  • The estimated timeline
  • Contractual terms and payment arrangements
  • Any assumptions or dependencies
  • Our warranty to you

The project design specification will provide you with a comprehensive itemized list of all the design details for your project.  This will typically include:

  • A complete work desciption
  • Diagram(s) of the work to be performed as appropriate
  • A complete list of all fixtures that will be installed including:
    • Product descriptions
    • Make and model numbers
    • Cost
    • Pick up/delivery arrangements
  • A list of all construction materials that will be used. This may include:
    • Lumber
    • Plumbing and electrical supplies
    • Grout and thin set
    • Hardware
    • Other material as needed
  • A list of all relevant design choices. This may include:
    • Tile and color choices
    • Tile layout / design patterns
    • Placement of fixtures
    • Location of outlets, lighting and other design elements
  • Any special work considerations or instructions

The proposal and formal design specification will be provided to you in writing for your review.  Assuming that everything is acceptable once you sign the proposal and remit any deposit that may be required your project will be scheduled to begin.

*Please note:  There is a small fee required for the project design specification.  It is due in advance and will be deducted from your final bill upon completion of the project. 

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