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Bathroom Remodeling

 McLaughlin Tile takes tremendous PRIDE in remodeling  bathrooms.  We are experts at:

  • Listening to what you want and showing
    you exciting possibilities
  • Removing old and outdated fixtures
  • Repairing problems
  • Creating better use of space
  • Giving a fresh new look to an old room

We can help you pick fixtures and select the best tile and materials for your job. We will answer your questions and educate you on your choices.

We have a careful process that we go through to ensure

Did You Know?

The average person spends more time in their bathroom than on vacation each year?

Remodeling a bathroom returns approximately 50%  to 70% on your investment?

that you will be delighted with the outcome. This process includes:

  • Planning & Design 
  • Preparation & Staging 
  • Tear Out & Repair 
  • Installation 
  • Clean Up
  • Presentation & Review
  • Follow-Up

When we are through we will leave you with a bathroom that is as impressive as it is practical.

Say goodbye to old floors, leaky faucets, worn tubs and showers.
Say hello to a  new bathroom oasis

Give us a call to learn more or use one of the links below -

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