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Decorating Help

McLaughlin Tile has a close working relationship with several professional  interior decorators who can guide you with making decorating decisions that will showcase your new bathroom in the best possible light.

An interior decorator can help you make smart choices for many of the design elements for your new bathroom including

  • Colors
  • Curtains
  • Towels  and rugs

    Did You Know?
    Pale color schemes give the allusion of space

    Diagonal tile patterns also give the allusion of  making the space larger

  • Accents
  • Other accessories as required 

They can make decisions for you or offer suggestions in specific areas depending on your preferences.  If you would like to speak with the decorator  we work with, we will be happy to make the introduction for you.

Give us a call today or use one of the links below.  We look forward to making your acquaintance!

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