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Superior Products


Many homeowners pay a lot of attention to the fixtures and tile designs for their project, but they give little or no scrutiny to the construction materials that are absolutely essential to the success and long-term durability of their job.

 Take for example, grout – the “stuff” used to fill the gaps between tiles.  Most homeowners worry only about the color of this (if they worry about it at all) but as a professional I know this "stuff" is critical to the success and long-term durability of each and every installation.

 Thinset, tile substrate, and waterproof membranes are just a few critical materials that can spell the difference between elation and agony for the homeowner.

 It would be easy to skimp and save a few dollars on these “behind-the-scenes” materials, but we consistently use only the best products available.  We take no shortcuts in our methods and no shortcuts in our materials – that’s why our customers love us and consistently recommend us time and again.

 Here are just a few of the high-quality products that we use on our jobs:

 We proudly feature Laticrete tile & stone installation materials including SpectraLock "stainless grout".