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Message From Jim

My name is Jim McLaughlin and I am the owner of McLaughlin Tile.  I should rephrase that and say I am the proud owner of this business. I feel fortunate that I figured out my path in life at a relatively early age and found the profession I love.

I have never considered what I do a job.

Based on the thousands of successful jobs that I have completed over the past two decades, I firmly believe that the success of any project is in direct proportion to the commitment to excellence of the person doing the job.

When I become involved in a project in your home, I truly look forward to improving how you live.  The tools I use extend far beyond those located in the truck. I have extensive experience in solving complicated space issues and overcoming improper designs from when a house was originally built.

In addition to being an experienced craftsman I am a good communicator. I will express myself clearly verbally and in writing.  I will help you understand important issues and  make good decisions.

I will keep you informed  throughout  the project. You will see me everyday on your job and I will work tirelessly to see that you are satisfied.

When your job is completed you will have exactly what was proposed and have the inner peace of  knowing you chose the right person to enter your home to work on your house.

Please take the time to review our testimonials and you will see that we do everything that we promise and usually a little bit more. I look forward to working with you.



Jim McLaughlin
McLaughlin Tile